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Children’s dentistry

The leading health problem in children under three years of age is caries, and the most you can do for a healthy and beautiful smile of your children is to act preventively against it. It is therefore essential that the prevention and treatment of dental caries start on time because the wishes of the child for next visits will depend on the first experience with a dentist.

How to get rid of the fear of the dentist?

Take your children with you to meet us! It is very important that the child is as soon as possible introduced with the story with the dentist, the best in the period when there is no problem with little teeth. Children thus do not experience the fear of the first intervention, relax, gain confidence and become very convenient for cooperation.

Why with us?

Fabrika Osmeha pays special attention to prevention, and in addition to oral health care for your child, you will learn how to properly maintain oral hygiene. We will try to minimize the possibility of caries and any other problems occurrence. And all this in a pleasant atmosphere adapted to the age of your child.