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The only requirement for using GIFT discount of 1,000 RSD is to mention it when you first arrive. The reason is that we want to stimulate you to use the information from our site more, because it is one of the ways to improve your oral health.

This GIFT DISCOUNT cannot be combined with other discounts, but can with special affordable prices for the coming in the morning. MORE

On the first arrival, dentists employed in our center will conduct a detailed examination to determine the state of your oral health. Detecting caries represents only a small part of a complete examination. They will check all the old fillings, examine the position of the teeth and the correctness of the bite, the condition of the soft tissue, which includes checking things such as pre-cancerous changes in the mouth, tongue cancer, gingivitis, the condition of the existing crowns, bridges and dentures etc.

All these checks are very important, not only because of the oral, but also of the general health, because some diseases or medical conditions have symptoms that can occur in the mouth first. Diabetes, vitamin deficiency or hormonal disorders are just a few examples.

Our oral health is essentially linked to our general health. It is not said in vain that the mouth is actually the window into the human body.

At the first dental examination, if you wish, your dentist will remove the tartar or replace the filling.

After completing the examination, we will recommend an individual treatment plan.

There are three reasons to start with preventative care with us:

Free intraoral camera examination

Intraoral camera is a tiny video camera that is similar to the shape and size of a marker and provides a detailed overview of low-visible areas of the oral cavity. The recording of teeth is simultaneously broadcast on the monitor, so that the patient along with the dentist can interactively monitor every step of the treatment.

iPad dental animations

Modern technology we use in our office enables us to, in a user-friendly way via the video animation, show you the genesis of your problem and how the potential treatment will look like.

Written dental report

A detailed description of the examination, with a special emphasis on the problems the patient faces, as well as the advice on the steps to be taken in further treatment. Treatment plan, with prices of all individual, recommended services and with special attention to the problems the patient faces, as well as advice on the steps to be taken in further treatment.

Examination and consultations are free
  • You just need to schedule your appointment and make the first and most important step towards a beautiful and healthy smile.