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Prosthetics is one of the most creative branches of dentistry, because it makes it possible to simultaneously compensate lost teeth and achieve the best aesthetic effect. Our dental prosthetics specialist will be there to meet all your requirements and make sure that your smile is perfect.

The importance of prosthetics

Compensation for missing teeth and restoration destructed teeth is important, not only because of the need to restore the patient’s ability to chew, but also because of increasing his/her self-confidence.
Prosthetics allows the compensation for missing teeth, soft tissue, or all teeth. Prosthetic replacement not only receives an aesthetic benefit, but also achieves the correct function of the entire orofacial system.

Why to perform a prosthetic intervention on time?

Due to the lack of teeth, the remaining teeth may loosen or move to an empty space, which further jeopardizes the whole system and makes it difficult for a later prosthesis solution. Long-term lack of teeth can lead to bone loss, to bite disorders and disturbances in the jaw joint.

There are various compensation systems, and we will instruct you in detail what is the best and most suitable for your condition.

Some of our most common works are

Prosthetics on implants

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges

Metal-free ceramic crowns and bridges

Combined prosthetics

Partial dentures

Complete dentures