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Dental diseases

Tooth caries

Tooth caries is the most common disease of the teeth and is one of the most widespread diseases in humans. The biggest culprit for its occurrence is the acid produced by bacteria found in dental plaque. Since it acts progressively and in the final stage leads to the destruction of the teeth, it is important to record it at an early stage. Because of this, Fabrika Osmeha dental team pays special attention to the prevention and cure of caries.

How is it formed?

Caries is usually manifested in the form of a small dot on the surface of teeth which can be developed into a large cavity. In 75 percent of cases, it begins with the degradation of enamel and progressively penetrates into the depth and breadth affecting other structures of dental tissue, dentin and cement. This tissue is demineralized and decomposes, creating a cavity in the tooth. If not treated on time, it results in pain, tooth nerve damage and infections of the surrounding area.

How is it treated?

The treatment begins by removing the caries i.e. softened tooth substance, to a healthy and solid tooth tissue. This is followed by the protection by adequate surfaces, over which fillings are placed. After forming the filling and bite alignment, there is polishing to the smoothness and gloss of natural teeth.

Why with us?

In order to maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth, Fabrika Osmeha uses only composite i.e. white fillings of high quality. The composite is characterized by good aesthetic and functional characteristics, and thanks to a wide range of color shades of composites, we achieve complete naturalness of the fillings. Excellent mechanical and physical properties, such as hardness, resistance and ease of shaping, make it a material of choice in making the fillings of the front regions of the oral cavity.