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Implantology – Specialist dental practice “Fabrika Osmeha”



The warranty on implants is LIFETIME.

“Fabrika Osmeha” cooperates exclusively with world-renowned manufacturers who are registered in Serbia and who give a lifetime warranty! With each individual implant, you receive an international passport certificate with a serial number, which is also an official confirmation of top quality. Once the implant is placed, it is yours forever.



  • Implant is by far the BEST therapeutic, medical and aesthetic solution for tooth loss.
  • It provides the same feeling as the natural teeth. The tooth root is of normal size, chewing is just as strong as usual, and also allows you to fully feel the structure of food during meals.


  • It prevents bone resorption. If a certain period passes after the loss of a tooth, the jawbone will start to disappear at that place, which further leads to drastic changes in the appearance of your face (sagging of the skin of the face and muscles, appearance of deep wrinkles…)



  1. How do I know that my implant will be successfully placed?


  • Studies have shown that the success rate of implant placement is between 90 and 100%.


The Fabrika Osmeha team includes a top specialist in oral surgery, so you are definitely in good hands!



  1. Does the implant contain any material harmful for my body?
  • No! The implants are made of titanium and are completely bio-compatible. They are not harmful to the human body.
  1. Will I feel any pain during the procedure or after it?
  • The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and you will not feel any pain. After the effect of anaesthesia, it is possible that you will feel mild pain, but for which we will always prescribe you an adequate analgesic.
  1. Why are implants more expensive than dentures?
  • Implants are a permanent and far safer solution. They behave identically to your natural teeth, which is not the case with prosthetics. Also, implants are made of titanium and bio-compatible materials, which raises their price above the price of total dentures or crowns. In the long run, an implant is a far cheaper solution.
  1. How long does the whole procedure take??
  • The procedure itself takes only 1 day. After that, it takes 3 months for the implant to fully integrate into the bone, and then a metal-ceramic or zirconium crown is placed on top of the implant.


A dental implant is actually an artificial root that is implanted in the bone. It consists of 3 elements:


  • Titanium artificial tooth root.
  • Upgrade – supra-structure, which is screwed into the titanium root.
  • A crown placed on a superstructure. 


(they can be made of metal – ceramics or zirconium)


  • Step one – Detailed analysis of X-ray image, retroalveolar image and 3D jaw image.

We use these images to determine the sufficient existence of bone mass in the jaw.

  • Step two – The intervention itself, which lasts about 30 minutes, and then a routine check-up after 24 hours.
  • Step three – Check-up after 3 months in order to install an upgraded structure (supra-structure) and make a crown (prosthetic replacement).

Depending on the number of remaining teeth, all types of prosthetic restorations can be done on implants – crowns, bridges and dentures.

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